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All thoughts are Energy. The words you think, feel, and say are real and create your life. If you say, “I am having a great day,” then the universe responds by giving you a great day. If you say “I am having a horrible day,” the universe responds by giving you your request. It sounds so simple, but all of us have been caught in the trap of getting the exact response we create with our negative thoughts.


Realization is one of the first steps to change. To change your negative thoughts take the time to analyze how you speak to yourself during the day. Take a small notepad with you and write down each time your thoughts are negative. Once you realize how negative thoughts and word’s effect your day you can begin to practice positive affirmations. Affirmations are short statements that reinforce positive Energy. You are the creator of your life and you create one day at a time. By reciting affirmations daily you create positive Energy every day.


There are some general rules in using affirmations: 


1.  Affirmations should be made in present time. Begin affirmations with the words, “I am…”.


2.  Affirmations need to be believable to yourself. “I am a Trillionaire” is not believable to

     most of us. Believing your affirmation is what gives it power.


3.  Use affirmations daily and repeat them as often as you can throughout the day.


4.  Do not overload yourself with too many affirmation as you start this practice. Try

     starting with three affirmations a day.


5.  Using affirmations daily is a fun and positive experience. If you think you have to do

     them or they are boring and not working, then they are and won't.


6.  Remember, always seek your own truth and what is right for you.



Listed below are some examples of affirmations. Incorporate them into your life and take the time to create some of your own.



I am having an amazing day.


I am healthy and feel great.


I am a loving and powerful person.


I am loved.


I am abundant in all ways.


I am always presented with positive choices.


I am safe and secure.


I am grateful for all that I have and all that I am about to receive.


I am open and receptive to all good now.


I am open and receptive to all positive changes for my highest good now.


I am lovingly connected to Creator/Source/God.



Remember, use your inner guidance and  SEEK YOUR OWN TRUTH.