Kingdom of One

psychic Visualization Tools

Visualization and Imagination

When doing energy work your ability to visualize and imagine is your greatest tool.

 As you do energy work through meditation you are working with images created

by you. If you can think it, then it already is. I refer to energy work as a ‘no effort space’,

where you are in control. There is no right or wrong way to do energy work. It is all

about you creating desirable energy and destroying or releasing unwanted energy.

 Anyone who can visualize and imagine can do energy work.  It does take practice.

But in creating a regular routine of meditation and energy work, and utilizing the

guidelines put forth by Kingdom of One, you will improve on a daily basis.


Center of your Head


When doing energy

work through meditation

visualize placing yourself

in the center of your head.

Close your eyes. Visualize

yourself behind your eyes,

between your ears, in the

very center of your head.

Now visualize you are

sitting in a very comfortable

chair in the upright position

in the very center of your

head. Visualize a clear or

golden bubble of

energy surrounding

yourself, protecting

you from outside

energy influences.


Grounding Cord


The grounding cord is a

tube ofgolden energy that

comes from Creator/Source/God.

The grounding cord comes

from above your head,streams

through your Chakra System

down to the center of the earth.

The grounding cord is a tube

that also allows you to release

energy from your Chakra system

and aura away from your body.

The grounding cord can also

be used to focus images and

bring them into present time for

you to look at and work with.

By grounding yourself on a

daily basis you are able to

stay more focused in the

moment. All creating that

you do, and all thought,

takes place in the moment

or present time.









   View Screen

You are in the center

your head,behind your

eyes, between your ears.

You are sitting in a

comfortable chair and are

visualizing/looking straight

ahead at a view screen.

This is a ‘no effort space’. 

As you visualize looking at

your view screen, know that

it is there.Now visualize a red

rose on your view screen.

Look at it carefully.Does it

have a long stem or a short

stem,does it have leaves,

does it have thorns?When

you are finished looking

atthe Rose,visualize

blowing it up.Some people

can see the view screen

and images the first time

they try this. For others it

takes several attempts.

Take your timeand try not

to get frustrated.


Visualization and use of the

view screen get easier and

easier with practice.

                  The Rose


When working with energy the Rose is a very effective visualization tool. The Rose is used to identify and remove unwanted energy. The Rose is used in a variety of ways in your energy work. Visualize a Rose on your view screen, visualize that this Rose is vacuuming up all energy in the center of your head that is not for your highest good. Now visualize blowing the Rose up and releasing all of that energy back to the universe from where it came. By creating the image of a Rose and then destroying it or blowing it up, you are using a  visualization tool that will assist you in moving energy out of your space. The Rose has an unlimited amount of uses. As with all thought, if you can think something, it is already created. You can create a Rose and ask it a direct question.  The first answer that pops into your head is almost always right.


Below is list of several ways to

use the Rose in your energy work.

1.    You can send a Rose to your 1st Chakra to vacuum up the energy of fear.
2.    You can send a Rose to your 2nd Chakra to vacuum up the energy of anger.
3.    You can send the Rose to the 3rd Chakra to vacuum up the energy of hostility.
4.    You can use the Rose as a gauge; you can ask the Rose on a scale of 1-10

        is my first  Chakra blocked with fear energy.
5.    You can send a Rose outside of your Aura to create a protective energy field.
6.    You can create a Rose to represent your day, ground it and clear all the

        energy not for your  highest good.

7.    You can ask the Rose “what is the emotion that has me blocked.”
8.    You can use a Rose to Break agreements that you have made on an energy level.



Golden Sun Energy

The golden sun image is used in several ways. It can be used as an image to heal energy. It can be used to create emotional energy such as love, joy and forgiveness.  Listed below are ways in which you can use the golden sun image.

1.    Create a golden sun that is radiating healing energy. Visualize this golden sun above your

       7th Charka, now drop this golden sun into your 7th Charka.  Continue to drop the golden

         energy through all of your Chakras.

2.    Create a golden sun and fill it with the energy of love, joy and forgiveness. Visualize

       the golden sun above your 7th Chakra and let the golden sun energy of love joy

       and forgiveness fill your entire Chakra system.

3.    Create a golden sun, now call back all of the amusement and happiness energy

       from past, present and future and let it flow into the golden sun. Then visualize

       the golden sun above your 7th Chakra and let this golden sun energy of amusement

       and happiness fill your entire Chakra system.

4.    End your energy work/meditation session by giving yourself several golden healing suns.

       Drop the golden sun healing energy into your 7th Charka and let it fill your entire body with

       healing energy.